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'How Does Your Dog Feel About Fashion?'

Blog Entry #1 - 'Which Dog Accessories Do I Buy for my Pet?'

It's embarrassing to make a fashion mistake when you buy a dog accessory, and it can leave your dog feeling in low spirits, like dear Popcorn, pictured above.

A Pure and Beautiful Relationship Like No Other in Your Life.

Our relationship with our dog is a very pure and uncorrupted friendship, usually not influenced by financial matters or other ulterior motives. Having a dog is a joyful and personally rewarding experience for both parties. A dog often gives selfless love to their owner, and will frequently risk their own life and limb to protect their owner and their family from harm.

We all want to show our love for our dogs by purchasing quality, affordable dog accessories that they will enjoy. When buying dog accessories, we need to ensure that the accessories are safe and comfortable for your pet, and that they are accessories that your dog will enjoy wearing. We also need to consider if we have a boy or girl dog and if the accessories will suit the dog's appearance, breed and personality.

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Community Donations Program

Loyal Friend Dog Store donates 10% of profits to dog charities that care for and protect the well being of dogs in Australia.