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How to Avoid Mistakes When Choosing Dog Accessories 101

A Pure and Beautiful Relationship Like No Other in Your Life

Our relationship with our dog is a very pure and uncorrupted friendship, usually not influenced by financial matters or other ulterior motives.

Having a dog is a joyful and personally rewarding experience for both parties. A dog often gives selfless love to their owner, and will frequently risk their own life and limb to protect their owner and their family from harm. They are perfect souls in many ways, and an inspiration.

We all want to show our love for our dogs by purchasing quality, affordable dog accessories that they will enjoy.

When buying dog accessories, we need to ensure that the accessories are safe and comfortable for your dog, that they will suit the dog's personality, appearance and breed, and that they are accessories that your dog will like wearing.

Traditional dog accessories that have stood the test of time are always very good, such as the dog collars, leashes and coats that we stock at Loyal Friend Dog Store.

Let's look at some of the important factors we need to consider when purchasing a dog accessory.

1. Is the Dog Accessory Safe for My Dog and Family? (Important Information)

The first and paramount issue is Dog Product Safety for yourself, your family and your dog. The accessory needs to physically safe, for example, be able to withstand chewing and not break in the dog's mouth, where your dog could be at risk of swallowing a sharp object.

Additionally, the accessory needs to be made from non-toxic materials for dogs and the people who use the accessory with the dogs.

There are numerous safety issues to be considered, including the emotional well being of your dog, and these need to be carefully evaluated before purchase.

We guarantee all Loyal Friend Dog Store accessories are safe, you can trust our business. We carefully evaluate each dog product that we make available. However, it is incumbent on each buyer to do their own evaluation.

2. What are the Fashion and Practical Issues to Consider?

We will illustrate this point by looking at Genuine Leather Dog Collars and Leashes. 

These accessories tick both boxes for both fashion and practical matters.

Genuine Leather Dog Collars and Leashes always look good and are very practical because they are made to last years.

Even as the leather ages over time, they develop a lovely vintage charm in their appearance that can look amazing.

Product quality is another important practical issue in making your selection. 

Loyal Friend Dog Store has a quality range of leather dog products with free shipping in our Dog Collars, Leashes and Harnesses Collection.

We are committed to high product quality, at an affordable price.

3. Dog Accessories Sale Example - Handmade Genuine Leather Dog Leash For Boy Dogs and Girl Dogs

One outstanding example of a quality item is this finely handmade Genuine Leather Dog Leash which comes in Dark Brown or Black. It is cheaply priced from $28 to $36 AUD including Free Delivery. This is a dog product for all size dogs from small to extra large.

This Genuine Leather Dog Leash is made from high grade leather, carefully stitched and features a high quality gold tone clip.

How do you decide if this Genuine Leather Dog Leash is a match for your dog?

    A) The most important thing is that you consider who you dog is, and make sure it is a fit for the appearance, personality and identity of your dog.

    i) The black or brown leather colours of this dog leash may suit the coat colour of some dogs more than others.

    ii) Some dogs chew their leashes, and although made from strong leather, this chewing habit could weaken and reduce the lifespan of this leash.

    iii) Some dogs may have a personality where a more brightly coloured nylon leash may suit their outlook on life a little more.

    iv) Additionally, some dogs are still learning how to be a good walker, are very erratic on a leash, and may need additional guidance and support from their owner.

This Nylon Dog Leash with 2 Padded Handles ($22 AUD including Free Delivery) gives the dog owner additional caring control over their pet, to keep the dog on track and away from harm.

Following the aesthetic and practical principles illustrated in this leash example as a guide, you will be able to select products that will suit and satisfy your dog and avoid embarrassing errors in dog product choice.

Product Selection Case Study - Dog Bath Robe

A Typical Cheap Dog Accessories Sale Advertisement for a Dog Bath Robe:

"All dogs enjoy a bit fun and frivolity with their owners and their families. Dogs are quirky characters who like to be the centre of attention.

Customers often ask “What dog accessory would make an awesome dog birthday gift that would be fun for the family, but also have practical value as well?”

The solution, a super absorbent, dog hooded bath robe, of course! One of the best dog products in Australia!"

Now, before we get carried away and buy this item, let's apply a dog product selection criteria to ensure it safe for everyone to use and that your dog and family will be happy with the accessory.

1. Will this dog accessory not cause harm to my dog in any way, either physically or emotionally?

Answer: To our knowledge, there is no way a Dog Bath Robe can harm your dog in any sense, if used normally.

2. Is this dog accessory safe for my family, including children to be near and use?

Answer: Definitely Safe. In our understanding, there is no way a Dog Bath Robe can cause harm to your family including children through normal use.

3. Will my dog enjoy using this accessory? Will it suit their personality?

Generally, YES. Dogs love having fun with their owners and families, and love prancing around after a bath in the Dog Bath Robe.

4. Will I, and my family enjoy sharing this accessory with our dog?

In all likelihood, YES. Owners and their families, including children love dressing their dog in the dog bathrobe, and seeing them prance around in it.

With these criteria satisfied, we can proceed with considering whether to buy the product.

This Dog Hooded Bath Robe is great for all breeds, and for both boy dogs and girl dogs. It comes in a range of sizes. Dog Hooded Bath Robes became popular in the noughties when being worn by celebrity dogs on reality television programs who became household names overnight and enjoyed their 15 minutes of fame.

Everyone loves bathing their dog, and although the dog may initially resist, they enjoy it too. And after a lovely warm bath, a dog loves nothing more that to slip into a comfortable dog bathrobe.

It is great for dog owners and their families as well, because the dog can enter the house, even if their fur is still slightly damp. It also means that the dog is not at risk of getting a chill, while waiting outside for their fur to fully dry.

Dog Bathrobes make a wonderful dog birthday present and these are available from Loyal Friend Dog Store from only $26 AUD including free delivery.

Will I purchase this Dog Bath Robe for my dog? YES!

Quality Customer Service

Loyal Friend Dog Store has a sincere professional commitment to quality service. A priority for our business is building a culture of respect for our customers.

Our staff are not pushy, and will help you to find the right accessories for your dog. If our dog products are not right for you or your pet, then we will respect your decision.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction also motivates us to support our customers so that they find the correct size and fit for their dog from our range of quality dog collars, leashes and coats. All of our dog accessories have free shipping and this is another way that we maximise the experience of our customers.

Loyal Friend Dog Store also has a genuine commitment to the well being of dogs. We proudly donate 10% of our profits to charities that care for the health and quality of life of dogs in Australia.

We specialise in 'old fashioned' customer service which makes us the "Australia's best store to buy boy dog collars and girl dog collars and other accessories". For queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Email:, Mobile: 0426 224 366.

Loyal Friend Dog Store donates 10% of profits to The Lost Dogs Home and RSPCA Australia. We are proud donors, but have no other affiliation with these excellent organisations.